US banks are taking advantage of low interest rates to pay for investments

A bank in the US is using a new tool to help pay for its investment decisions: it is using its own money.

In a statement, S&P 500 Financial Services, a company that manages a network of US and foreign financial institutions, said it was looking to reduce the cost of its capital by about 30 percent, while also taking advantage the fact that interest rates are low.

“It has become increasingly clear that it’s possible for financial institutions to lower the cost and volume of their capital investments by leveraging lower interest rates,” S&amps said in the statement.

While the statement is likely to come as a surprise to many, Sberbank, the Russian state-owned bank, is also one of the largest investors in the United States.

It has said that it is looking to lower its capital spending by up to 30 percent from current levels to help support the US economy.

Since its founding in 2004, the bank has been under pressure to do more to support the economy as it has lost billions of dollars to the collapse in the ruble.

At the same time, US and Russian officials have been negotiating a new economic deal that could see both countries reach a long-term deal to increase trade.

The Kremlin has said it wants to use the new investment deal to help its economy grow faster.

But in an interview with CNBC earlier this year, Vladimir Putin said that the agreement could have a detrimental impact on Russian companies.

“The United States and other countries should have a very serious discussion about the impact on their economy, and it should be very clear that the current sanctions are not going to help them.

They have the capability to raise their economic competitiveness by 50 to 60 percent.

They are not even close to that,” Putin said.

Earlier this year Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that he believed it was possible to cut US and EU sanctions in half by 2020.

“We are talking about the United states and the European Union, but if you reduce the sanctions and allow them to be used for the benefit of the Russian economy, then you can achieve your objectives,” Medvedov said.