Which Canadian auto companies are doing well?

Auto dealers are often among the first to announce the latest car sales figures and sometimes sell a more comprehensive look at the company’s performance.

But that doesn’t mean the company is immune to trends.

The National Automobile Dealers Association says it does receive requests for news and analysis on car sales.

And its website regularly posts car news and offers a curated selection of the most interesting stories, like an analysis of the upcoming Ford F-Series crossover.

The association says the request for news on Canada’s automakers is up slightly in the past year, but it still accounts for roughly half of all requests.

The number of media requests to share automotive news and information has been dropping since the start of the year, says David Hulsey, a media relations manager with the association.

But the association says it’s important for consumers to get the news and data they want from the industry.

The National Auto Dealers Associations media strategy is an important one, says Michael Rieck, a marketing manager at the association who works on a few other topics.

That includes promoting auto brands and events.

“The association’s role is to ensure that the media is able to cover the important issues of the day,” he says.

In some cases, a car’s name is attached to the news release, so the association can include a photo of the vehicle in the release and give an explanation.

This year, the association is focusing on promoting the F-150 pickup truck, the first American car to be sold here in more than 50 years.

Its chief marketing officer, Chris Stolpe, said the association’s mission is to create a more transparent, accessible, and credible information environment for consumers.

“We’re always trying to make sure that consumers are informed and informed,” he said.

He said the organization has seen some trends that help consumers get a better understanding of auto sales, like the recent trend of people buying a vehicle at the showrooms of the major automakers.

Stolpe said he also noticed the association getting requests for information on smaller manufacturers.

For example, the Canadian Tire group has posted the name and address of every Canadian Tire store in the country.

Hulsey said the media strategy has been helpful, especially in the wake of the Great Recession.

“A lot of people have had a hard time finding out about what’s happening in Canada and the Canadian auto industry because it was so inaccessible and there wasn’t a lot of media coverage of it,” he noted.

Rieck said the news organization does a lot more than just provide information on Canada and its automakers.

“When we see a big story about a company, we go out there and we’re going to do a video about it and we try to give an insight into that company,” he added.