Which Irish banks are you most likely to be exposed to?

With a number of major Irish banks set to open a new digital branch in the UK, it’s clear there’s a lot of pressure on them to take advantage of the opportunity to become more digital savvy and make their operations more secure.

Here’s a look at some of the major banks that are likely to have a digital branch opening in the coming weeks.


UBS – UKThe Irish bank is known for its robust reputation in the banking industry and has a long history of growing its digital operations.

It has more than 1,000 branches across Europe, the US and Canada, and is the second largest in the world behind US Bank.

UB is one of the few banks that doesn’t have an internal network of its own and has had to rely on a partner in the US to offer secure online banking to clients.

It also has a digital presence in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Its UK operations are still largely dependent on UBS’s existing UK branch network.


Santander – USThe US bank is one that’s not likely to see a digital launch in the near future.

Santesa is the largest Spanish bank and has about 600 branches across the US, with a total of 1,400 employees in its US branch network alone.

Santas digital branch is expected to open in the middle of next year, with Santas main UK branch to open next year.


HSBC – UKWith about a third of the UK’s banking business, the UK branch of HSBC has been around for more than 70 years.

The bank was founded in 1913 and has branches in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh, and has been involved in the financial services sector for more the last 30 years.

Its digital branch will open in 2019, and it has also set up a digital network in Scotland to provide financial services to Scotland’s independence supporters.


Barclays – UKAs one of Europe’s biggest banks, Barclays is not expected to be able to open its new digital home in the U.K. This is mainly because it has a relatively small number of branches across Britain and doesn’t offer the level of services offered by the likes of HSBC.

Barclays is due to open another digital branch later this year, in the West Midlands, but it will be the first branch to be open in London.


RBS – U.S.

The U. K. branch of RBS is one which will be expanding its digital footprint in the country in the next few months.

Rbs will be opening a new branch in London in late 2018, and plans are in place to add a second branch in 2019.


Bank of America – U, U. S.

Banking giant Bank of American has been one of America’s most loyal digital customers for years, as it has been offering a range of banking services since 2007.

However, it has now become the largest U. s bank to launch its digital branches in the United States, with 1,100 branches across 20 states and the District of Columbia.


Citigroup – USCiti has long maintained that it has the most secure and secure digital presence on the planet, and will likely open a digital home for its US business in 2018.

However the bank is likely to remain the biggest digital customer for now, as the U, S branch is due for completion in 2020.


HSBC Bank – UKIn 2016, HSBC launched its UK branch in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of a wider expansion.

The new branch will have access to the same banking services offered to its US and U.k. branches, as well as offering a number to help customers manage their financial affairs online.


Barclays Bank – U S – UBSThe UBS branch will be set up in 2018 in Birmingham, as its predecessor in the city, Barclays, has a presence in Birmingham.

However it will still be the largest digital customer in the region, with the bank already providing banking services to nearly 20,000 customers in the area.


RBC – US.RBC has been the biggest U.s bank to open branches in recent years, with more than a million branches opened in the last five years.

However there are many hurdles to overcome before RBC can launch a branch in Britain, as there is no formal agreement on the future of the UBS U. a digital relationship with the Ubs U.a branch.

The company is set to launch a digital service in the summer of 2019, but the UK-based branch will still only be open to U.b customers.


Barclays Capital – UKBarclays Capital has been an early adopter of digital banking in the past, having launched its U. k branch in 2008 and the first U. b branch in 2011.

It will open its UK digital branch next year and will be one of its most secure customers in its sector.


Standard Chartered – UKStandard Chartered is one the UKs largest