Why the NFL needs a financial advisor for its QBs

The NFL needs to make sure its quarterbacks have financial advisors who understand how to manage their money.

With the league set to launch its next season in 2021, it’s imperative that all of its players have advisors who know how to protect their investment.

That’s why the NFL is working to create a certification program for its players that would certify their financial expertise, according to sources.

A source told CBSSports.com that the league has already hired financial advisors to help players prepare for the upcoming season.

The NFL Players Association is also looking into certifying its players, but has not yet settled on a specific protocol for its certification process.

As of now, the league will allow players to choose from a list of certified financial planners.

However, the list is still in the early stages, and some players may choose an adviser that isn’t certified.

The NFL will also require players to have at least one financial advisor on their team.

According to a source, this will require players and advisors to be able to share information on their clients’ investments, finances, financial accounts, and other information.

Additionally, the NFL will require its teams to conduct a financial audits every three years, and all teams will have to conduct an independent audit of each player.

The process for certifying players is similar to what’s happening for the NFL’s other major professional sports leagues, such as the NBA and MLB.

Currently, the NBA has a certification process that includes a financial adviser on its team.

The NBA has also implemented a fiduciary standard, which means that teams will be required to conduct financial audits of their players.