Toyota to offer $3,200 to new driver’s license program

Toyota will offer a $3.5 million incentive for new driver licenses, starting this year, according to an official announcement.

The company’s goal is to provide more than a million drivers with a driver’s licenses by 2019.

The program would provide a $20 rebate for a $200 application fee.

Toyota also will provide incentives for drivers to register to vote, apply for a disability insurance policy, and apply for food stamps.

The company also announced it will offer $1,000 to new drivers who get a learner’s permit.

The program is being introduced in California, where Toyota has more than 1 million drivers.

Toyota’s program also includes a $5,000 reward for drivers who enroll in the company’s online driver’s education program.

The reward is for people who enroll and successfully complete an online driver education course.