Which player is the most valuable in Italian football?

1 More The most valuable player in Italian Football is the forward who has scored more goals than any other player in the country.

He is Giovani dos Santos, who scored more than 200 goals in Serie A and scored more league goals than anyone else in Italy last season, according to Squawka.

And according to the Italian football database Mediaset Premium, the Italian international is the fifth most valuable at €40m, while Andrea Pirlo and Gonzalo Higuain are the top three.

Dos Santos, 24, has scored 25 league goals in the last two seasons and was named in the Italian squad for the 2014 World Cup, which Italy won.

“Dos is a player who is constantly in the transfer market and the player who has the highest value,” Squawker said.

“He is the first to make it to the first team and that’s a huge credit to the club.

He’s a player you can see in every game and he’s a great finisher.

He has all the qualities that you want in a striker.”