PNC Financial Services to hire 300 people as part of new expansion

PNCFinancialServices, a leading global provider of financial services, has hired 300 people to help its financial businesses grow in the U.S., PNC spokesman Paul Oster said in a statement.

The move follows an announcement earlier this month that the company was hiring about 200 people to build a new financial center in San Antonio.PNC Financial is one of the largest U.K.-based financial services companies and operates more than 80 facilities in the United States, according to its website.

The company was the first major U..

K. bank to announce it was hiring in recent years.

Pnc Financial has said it plans to add 400 new jobs over the next year as part a plan to bring its operations to more than 300 locations.

The announcement comes amid an expansion effort in the bank.

Earlier this year, the bank announced it would build an additional $1.4 billion in new offices in New York and Philadelphia, and expand its U.N. headquarters to more locations.

Pinnacle Global Advisors, a subsidiary of PNC, is one the leading U.P. funds, according, to PNC.

The fund is known for its aggressive investments in asset management companies and asset management strategies.

Pinnacle is also an investment adviser to Barclays Group Plc.